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Scuba diving for kids

For children above 8 years of age, we offer Try Scuba Diving programs in a swimming pool or in the sea.

Following PADI diving courses for kids are available at the IDC L'Escala: 

The PADI Bubblemaker Experience

Bubblemaker is as fun as it sounds - a chance for kids to blow bubbles by scuba diving. Children who are at least 8 years old can use scuba gear to breathe underwater and swim around in shallow water with a maximal depth of 2 metres / 6 feet.

  • It is a great way to introduce children to scuba diving.
  • Available as a confined open water experience.
  • The program is conducted under the direct and continuous supervision of a diving instructor.
  • No pre-training required.
  • Children use all the basic scuba gear, which is made for children - not adults.
  • The activity lasts about 3 hours (introduction, gear up and fun included).

Diving programs for kidsThe PADI Seal Team Program

This program is for young divers who are looking for action-packed fun in a pool by doing exciting scuba AquaMissions. These are AquaMissions that introduce kids to underwater navigation, buoyancy, underwater photography, environmental awareness and more skills while kids are having fun. 

The program lasts 1 day and includes 2 parts. Part One, AquaMissions 1 - 5, teaches kids the basic skills of scuba diving - things like buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, etc. After building a solid foundation of basic scuba skills, kids move on to part two. Part Two is full of Specialty AquaMissions (listed below). 

Upon successful completion of the first 5 AquaMissions, young divers become PADI Seal Team members. Upon successful completion of 10  AquaMissions, children become Master Seal Team members. Specialty AquaMissions include Creature ID Specialist, Environmental Specialist, Inner Space Specialist, Navigation Specialist, Night Specialist, Safety Specialist, Search & Recovery Specialist, Skin Diver Specialist, Snapshot Specialist, Wreck Specialist. This program provides parents with a structured program that lets their children develop scuba skills, learn about the aquatic environment and have a lot of fun. Join today!

Scuba diving on the Costa Brava, Spain is exciting for the whole family!

Please contact us for more information and reservation.

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