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Medes Islands (Illes Medes)

Dive sites in the Medes Islands with the International Diving Center L'Escala

Information and Reservation

To obtain information on the planned boat dives and dive sites,  view our calendar. The online booking service is available. Please call +34 872 20 15 20, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just come to the IDC L'Escala!

The Medes Islands (Illes Medes) is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea formed by seven islands and several islets off the Costa Brava with an area of approximately 21.5 ha.

Due to its proximity to the mouth of the River Ter, the archipelago attracts many researchers every year. The Medes Islands are one of the most important marine reserves in Spain.

Scuba diving on the Medes Islands offers the variety of dive sites, the possibility to explore an outstanding marine environment of the Costa Brava, and the high biodiversity including fishes, algae, and colorful corals. The main island, the longest one, is Meda Gran. Names of the other islands of this archipelago are Medallot, Meda Petita, Ferranelles, Tascó Gros, Tascó Petit and Cavall Bernat.

Humans have considered their as a point of interest for a long time, as shown from the shipwrecks found in these waters. Pirates used it often as a base for their attacks along the coast. The islands are inhabited since 1934. The protection of the islands began after a respective Order of the Government of Catalonia entered into force. A resolution with respect to the rules of binding in a conservation area was adopted in 1985. In 1990, when the Medes Islands became part of nature protection areas (PEIN), appeared a law on the protection and conservation the flora and fauna of the marine environment of the Medes Islands and part of the Montgrí Coast, between L'Estartit and L'Escala.

The IDC L'Escala invites you to dive in the Natural Reserve Medes Islands and enjoy the amazing underwater world of the Costa Brava! We offer flexible diving schedules including single dives and one-day dive trips. 

El Salpatxot

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Salpatxot

The area is well-protected from the south wind. Shallow depth, between -5 and -18 m, is ideal for a relaxing dive between large rocks covered with sea fans. Here you can see extraordinary groups of sardines as well as barracudas and eagle rays mostly in the summer. Groupers are also present.

El Medallot

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Medallot

The dive site is situated in the northernmost area of the archipelago. The local conditions (the minimum depth of -30 m and strong currents) make it the least visited dive site of the Medes Islands with a submarine fauna not accustomed to humans. However, you can enjoy a spectacular wall covered with anemones. The site is reserved for experienced divers.

The dive site is temporarily closed for scuba divers in order to allow the observation of marine biodiversity.

Pedra de Déu

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Pedra de Deu

The dive site (and the reef with the same name) is characterized by a fantastic steep wall going down to -20 m deep. As it can reach a depth of -45 m in some places, divers should pay attention to the depth. The wall is thickly covered with sea organisms including sea fans and corals.

Pota del Llop

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Pota de Llop

This is the dive site with large steep walls that falls vertically to the depths of -50 m in certain places, therefore, exceeding the responsible limits of recreational diving.

This site is very beautiful and undeniably attractive because of many huge sea fans, sponges and corals presented here. The sea eels are common in the caves in this area. Also locusts and lobsters can be seen at the bottom.

Cova de la Vaca

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Cova de la Vaca

The area is well-protected from the north wind. This complex of well-lighted caves and tunnels that cross the Punta de Galera is a perfect place for underwater photographs. The central tunnel is separated by columns and walls with windows. Many sea fans are found on the walls and schools of fish pass among them. Depth varies between -15 and -25 m. Be warned that the cavern Racó de la Vaca has dark and narrow cavities. Visit of this cavern requires more experience.

Dofí Nord

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Dofi Nord

The dive site is located on the northern side of the Meda Petita. Depth varies from -5 to -30 m. The beauty of the place lies in its spectacular tunnels crossing the entire island; visiting of the Roca del Montnegre is another attraction. The tunnel Dofí, short and bright, is also suitable for the beginners; the tunnel Llarg, impressive by its dimensions, is for experienced divers. The dive site is very often visited by local fauna.

Dofí Sud

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Dofi Sud

The dive site is located on the southern side of the Meda Petita and, therefore, is protected from the northern winds. The site is known for its spectacular tunnels piercing the island and an air chamber in the heart of the rock. Depth varies between -15 and -25 m. You can find here the majority of the local fauna and also inhabitants of the dark caves. Towards the east you will find the rocks Serra Ventosa with vertical walls dropping down to -45 m.

Les Ferranelles

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Ferranelles

This is a nice dive around the reef and the chain of shallow rocks leading to the Ferranelles. This is an ideal place to see local fish species. The shallow site with a depth between -8 m and -18 m accentuates the effect of the currents in the area.

Tascó Gros


Tascó Petit

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Tascons 

Carall Bernat

Diving Costa Brava - Medes Islands - Carall Bernat

The dive site is situated in the southernmost area of the archipelago and offers a wide range of diving routes for all tastes and skill levels with depth ranging from -6 to -50 m. Between large rocks and fantastic walls you will find the majority of animal species of the natural reserve with the highest density of groupers in the area. This dive site is suitable for everyone, depending on the route. Beware of the currents, which are common in the area and may be very strong in the summer.

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